Dangerous Music D-Box now shipping

The first units of Dangerous Music D-Box is now shipping. Features at a glance: * Analog Summing - 8-channels of classic Dangerous 2-Bus style circuitry * Monitor control - Programmable monitor control section with 2 sets of Speaker outputs * Auxiliary stereo analog inputs +4 dBU/ -10 dBV * 2 Digital Inputs - high-quality on-board 96kHz/24-bit D/A … [Read more...]

Dangerous D-BOX: Combination summing and monitoring system


Dangerous Music has announced to the European market D-Box, a new multi purpose hardware product for DAW users. This 1U rack-mount box combines 8-channels of the Dangerous Music analog summing technology and an integrated programmable monitor control section with analog and digital inputs, on board 24 bit/96KHz D-to-A converter, talkback, dual headphone amps, speaker switcher … [Read more...]