The story of the funk


I saw Bootsy Collins at NAMM (the blurb on the blurry picture) and that got me thinking: do you guys know about the funk? Oh, you mean you were looking to actually learn something of value from this website? How about learning about making funk. Below are two pdf's that will get you at least half-way. Shitty is pretty 1 Shitty is pretty 2 … [Read more...]

I had goosebumps…


Softube and Marshall. My trip to the US has been pretty cool. I've met a drunk bartender who wanted us to go party with Tenacious D, hung out with some great engineers and producers, heard studio anecdotes about Alice Cooper and Lemmy, talked to Mikkey Dee without knowing it was him, seen some cool stuff, met some cool people and got a little too drunk way too many times. … [Read more...]

Avid at NAMM


I always try to report from the Avid/Digidesign booth at when I cover trade shows that I attend but this year I don't have much to say. I've already told you about the updated instruments, aside from that there wasn't much new from Avid at NAMM. Their booth was pretty much just benches set up for meetings, the current product lines behind glass, as well as an Eleven Rack for … [Read more...]

Video demo of Slate Digital FG-X

Here's a video of Steven Slate from Slate Digital demonstrating FG-X, a mastering package that promises to wipe the floor with ordinary peak limiters. You probably won't be able to tell much of a difference from the camera mic in this video (it's hard enough on a noisy trade show floor!) but let me tell you, there is a difference. I found that it was especially noticeable in … [Read more...]

SSL X-Patch explained

When I first heard about the SSL X-Patch I thought it sounded like a pretty cool thing. You know, kind of an analog patchbay with the advantages of digital - what's not to like? Anyway, it wasn't until NAMM I began to realize a lot of its potential. Have a look at the always awesome Jim from SSL talk us through it. When you're done, start contemplating it's potentials in a … [Read more...]

Video of Steven Slate talking about FG-Q and the FG-QC

Here's Steven Slate from Slate Digital talking about an upcoming product, the mastering EQ FG-Q. He also gives us a glimpse of a dedicated hardware controller for it! The controller wasn't finished yet but I did get the chance to fiddle with the knobs a little bit. It's no plastic crap and doesn't look anything like an ordinary MIDI controller - it feels real analog hardware. … [Read more...]