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Brush up your knowledge on acoustics

From bedrooms to pro studios – it’s sad to see that so many people have no problem spending tons of dough on some fancy new compressor, yet they aren’t bothered with treating their rooms. GIK Acoustics, a fairly cheap alternative to room treatment and arguably the company with the best customer support I’ve ever encountered, […]

The difference between a treated and un-treated room

You don’t have to convince me about the value of proper room treatment. Here’s a video by Zalan Schuster that I got from GIK Acoustics. If you don’t want to see the graphs and such the listening comparison starts at about 3:30. By the way, GIK Acoustics is a company I can definitely recommend. Not […]

The Rebuild: Acoustic treatment

Some of you might remember that I’ve been planning and working on an overhaul of my home setup where I pretty much do all of my work these days. Since I moved to a new place recently I figured it was time to take care of the acoustics properly.

GIK Acoustics does an Auralex with the new ArtPanel

Some time ago, Auralex introduced their SonicPrint line which basically was acoustic treatment with pictures on it. Personally I think it’s a really good idea to spice things up a little Now GIK Acoustics is doing a similar thing with their ArtPanel. More info on their website.

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