Brush up your knowledge on acoustics

From bedrooms to pro studios - it's sad to see that so many people have no problem spending tons of dough on some fancy new compressor, yet they aren't bothered with treating their rooms. GIK Acoustics, a fairly cheap alternative to room treatment and arguably the company with the best customer support I've ever encountered, just sent out an email that their European shop … [Read more...]

The difference between a treated and un-treated room

You don't have to convince me about the value of proper room treatment. Here's a video by Zalan Schuster that I got from GIK Acoustics. If you don't want to see the graphs and such the listening comparison starts at about 3:30. By the way, GIK Acoustics is a company I can definitely recommend. Not only are they cheap and have a nice variety of products, there support is … [Read more...]

The Rebuild: Acoustic treatment


Some of you might remember that I've been planning and working on an overhaul of my home setup where I pretty much do all of my work these days. Since I moved to a new place recently I figured it was time to take care of the acoustics properly. … [Read more...]