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Plugin Alliance announces availability of Brainworx bx_rockrack

bx_rockrack – Making Of: Capturing the recording chains (2012-06-15) from Plugin Alliance on Vimeo. Plugin Alliance has announced that the new Brainworx amp simulator bx_rockrack is now available.

Video of bx_saturator in action

Brainworx has made a video showing off the new saturation plugin bx_saturator. I’m in the middle of evaluating it but will be back with a review of it soon. Let us know what you think of it if you have tried it. By the way, they have also reset all the demo licenses so if […]

Brainworx release bx_saturator – M/S multiband saturation tool

Right in the middle of all my saturation plugin testing (more reviews coming this week) Brainworx decided to jump into the game with bx_saturator, a multiband M/S saturation plugin.

Brainworx to release their first guitar amp plugin

Brainworx bx_rockrack – Preview (2012-04-05) from Plugin Alliance on Vimeo. Brainworx has announced their first amp simulator plugin – bx_rockrack. We’re not exactly flooded with details yet but the video above will give you some tones to listen too. The intention of bx_rockrack is not to create another Guitar Rig or AmpliTube with billions of […]

New products from Plugin Alliance coming: SPL deessers, Noveltech Character

Plugin Alliance have announced that they’re about to release two(!) SPL deesser emulations, as well as Character, a plugin from Noveltech, previously available on the PowerCore platform.

Plugin Alliance release Maag EQ4 plugin

Maag Audio EQ4 – Introduction EN (2012-02-10) from Plugin Alliance on Vimeo. Plugin Alliance has released an emulation of the Maag EQ4. It should come as no surprise that the brains behind the modeling is Brainworx. I have no experience at all with Maag products but according to Plugin Alliance it’s a transparent EQ with […]

Buy the Vertigo VSC-2 software and win the hardware

Until February 29th you can buy the Vertigo VSC-2 plugin at a $20 discount and have the chance to win the original hardware unit. Every existing user qualifies as well.

Brainworx’ reversed advent calendar

Yup, it’s back – Brainworx reversed advent calendar. This year it’s good for not only Brainworx plugins, but also SPL, Elysia and Vertigo. Here’s how it works: Today everything’s 25% off, for each day it’s one percent lower. So tomorrow it’s only 24% off. Bundles are discounted by 20%-30% anyway, so with the additional Christmas […]

Plugin version of Vertigo VSC-2 released

Plugin emulations of analog hardware have been the most popular kind of plugins for years now. Some start to feel that perhaps we don’t need another 1176 and start looking at alternative products to the vintage classics. The latest in line is the Vertigo VSC-2, emulated by Brainworx (who does the SPL stuff and the […]

SPL’s new “All bundle”

SPL has released a new All bundle for their Analog Code plugins. To make it easier – or at least cheaper – for everyone to upgrade they’re also letting you get it at even greater discount if you already own any of their plugins. They use the same kind of online calculator as Brainworx (not […]

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