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Is the saying “the first idea is usually the best” a good one?

Short answer Yes, if you’re in the business of making t-shirts.

Are limitations good or bad?

Short answer Neither, but you should embrace them.

On Kalashnikov, minimalism and love

When I woke up this morning I started writing a blog post, and no, that’s not the first line to my latest blues song, but what actually happened. It was long, full of insights and hopefully halfway decent too but I decided not to publish it. There was something missing from it and more importantly, […]

When should I upgrade to the latest version of Pro Tools?

Short answer When you have too much time on your hands.

Stiff upper lip 17/7-2013

On the topic of AAX 64-bit, character plugins, Logic Pro X and other DAW’s.

I miss my plugins

I guess I’m not the only one who feels a wee bit crippled with Pro Tools 11. So far it seems like a solid upgrade, or at least I think it is, but damn, there’s a lot less plugins available!

A few quickies from the stiff one

If you’ve ever wondered why the Swedish flag is blue and yellow… Hello friends. Trying a different kind of post today. Some would call it an organized update (but they would be wrong), some would call it the ramblings of a madman who should just go have some coffee instead (they would be partially right), […]

Hardware – what software really needs

We can discuss sound quality and differences between analog and digital until we’re all blue in the face but what the somewhat odd title of this post suggests is that software, or rather the tools we use to control the software, is lacking.

Off Tools: Maschine

If you have been up all night drinking wine and chasing a gang with a golf club (don’t ask) instead of sleeping, there really are only to viable options: 1) you go to sleep, or 2) you stay awake until the next night and record a drinking or party song. I went with the latter […]

Synthesizer day at Musikmesse

Depending on what mood I’m in, I’m a big synth freak or hardly use them at all. At this year’s Musikmesse I was the former and since I was so into it, I decided to dedicate one day almost only to trying out different synths. I say almost because partly it was about weißbier and […]

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