On Kalashnikov, minimalism and love


When I woke up this morning I started writing a blog post, and no, that's not the first line to my latest blues song, but what actually happened. It was long, full of insights and hopefully halfway decent too but I decided not to publish it. There was something missing from it and more importantly, a small part of it covered a topic that I think many of you would miss because … [Read more...]

I miss my plugins


I guess I'm not the only one who feels a wee bit crippled with Pro Tools 11. So far it seems like a solid upgrade, or at least I think it is, but damn, there's a lot less plugins available! … [Read more...]

A few quickies from the stiff one


If you've ever wondered why the Swedish flag is blue and yellow... Hello friends. Trying a different kind of post today. Some would call it an organized update (but they would be wrong), some would call it the ramblings of a madman who should just go have some coffee instead (they would be partially right), and yet some wouldn't know what the hell to call it (they would … [Read more...]

Off Tools: Maschine

If you have been up all night drinking wine and chasing a gang with a golf club (don't ask) instead of sleeping, there really are only to viable options: 1) you go to sleep, or 2) you stay awake until the next night and record a drinking or party song. I went with the latter - way more rock n' roll. … [Read more...]

Synthesizer day at Musikmesse


Depending on what mood I'm in, I'm a big synth freak or hardly use them at all. At this year's Musikmesse I was the former and since I was so into it, I decided to dedicate one day almost only to trying out different synths. I say almost because partly it was about weiƟbier and the odd meeting as well. Well, back to synths, here are a few comments on what I tried. … [Read more...]