Big Fish Audio’s Garage Breaks is now shipping

Garage Breaks is now shipping, and it promises guitars, drums and basses. This inspirational library is packed with heavy pounding guitars, buzzcut basses, and the sharpest, most crunchy and funky drum breaks you've heard this millennium. 40 construction kits come in WAV, REX, Apple Loops and RMX format. Garage Breaks is the sweaty, dark place you always knew existed, where … [Read more...]

Videos of the new Vintage Design ProPack

TK is the man behind the Vintage Design products which are based on earlier Neve models. Here's two videos of him talking about the new ProPack. This first video got a little messed up so I had to cut it. It's really short but describes the essence of the ProPack. This video was shot by George Necola and is a little more detailed. Vintage Design … [Read more...]

Digidesign in Frankfurt

At Digidesigns booth there was nothing new. With the LE range displayed like old family portraits behind glass on the walls and people chatting in the sofas in front of them, their booth looked more like a tea party than anything. That's fine, I don't mind the occasional tea party. They did have a C|24 up to give a go though. I took the opportunity since I've never actually … [Read more...]


It almost seems surreal when you're running around with your girlfriend, almost racing through a section of the guitars, and bam! There stands Kerry King signing posters. I'm a Slayer fan, and Kerry King is of course a legend, but I've never been someone chasing after stars, and could never understand the whole idolizing bit - so I didn't bother with standing in the autograph … [Read more...]