Branded wicked?

“Hey! What’s that?!”

This is our award for products that we think are outstanding. I mean insanely good products. So damn good you would sell your grandmother for them. OK, OK… I’m exaggerating a bit, but you get the point.

The wicked approval is not to be confused with the wicked category.

So far only Flux Solera and Audio Ease Speakerphone have been branded wicked.

3 responses to Branded wicked?

  1. [...] Solera blew me away, and is still to this day the only reviewed product at ProTooler that have been branded wicked. Lets see what the new Pure Limiter can bring to the [...]

  2. [...] a lot of them here on Slapdelay as well as on ProTooler. Speaking of ProTooler, I have sort of an award there that absolutely outstanding gear can receive. It has only been giving to one product ever. So [...]

  3. [...] mich zu tode” weil es tatsächlich so war. Dieses “Hart aber herzlich” lebt weiter im wicked approval. Mir scheint es, dass andere jede Woche einen neuen Award vergeben und wir dann doch lieber die [...]

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