A website for your sound effect needs

Here’s an interesting website for folks looking for sound effects. It’s called A Sound Effect and you can consider it a big catalog for independent sound effect libraries. Here’s what the creator Asbjoern has to say about it:

The libraries are normally spread out over a number of individual sites, and this makes it really hard to find the great releases from the indie sound community.

I wanted to help fix that, so I’ve brought 25 sound designers on board to showcase almost 100 of their libraries on my new site. The libraries can all be browsed, previewed and searched from the site, making it a LOT easier to get an overview and find the sounds you need.

A fine initiative. I wish them good luck in their efforts!


  1. says

    Well this is really helpful to make a unique site for our business and personal purposes. I visit this site and this is really have the sound effects collection that what I was required to make my own site for my personal and I was thinking to make it interesting with sound effects to browse and explore while the others experiencing my site.

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