ART introduces the Auto-Tune Pre


ART has introduced the new Auto-Tune Pre, a tube preamp channel with integrated Auto-Tune pitch processing.

The Auto-Tune Pre’s Auto-Tune section lets you select the key, scale and processing style (Pitch Correction, Hard Auto-Tune Vocal Effect or Soft Auto-Tune Vocal Effect). Twelve note keys allow for the programming of custom scales and the Preset section lets you save five different setups for instant recall.

In case you’re wondering about the tube, it’s a 12AX7A circuit.

On the rear of the unit, an insert jack allows external processing to be added between the Preamp and Auto-Tune section. A ΒΌ-inch Footswitch jack allows remote access to the Bypass and Preset functions.

The Auto-Tune Pre is now available worldwide at ART dealers.


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