Omnisphere gets virus

A new sound library for the amazing plugin synthesizer Omnisphere (by Spectrasonics) has been released, based on the modern classic synth Virus – simply called UltraVirus. Here’s what PlugHugger has to say about it:

With Omnisphere you get a nice selection of 29 waveforms sampled from the Virus Indigo. The Indigo is the compact version of the second model of the Virus – Virus B – which many people regard as the best sounding Virus ever.

Thanks to the excellent sound design tools in Omnisphere we turned the waveforms of the Virus into something new entirely, and the final result was 100 new arpeggios, basses, plucks and pads designed to inspire modern dance music production.

As a bonus, we took 50 of our favorite presets and changed the waveforms from the Virus to the excellent virtual analog oscillators in Omnisphere.

Price is €9.90.


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