Transceiver – a four channel insert station


Here’s a handy tool that was shown at NAMM – Transceiver, a four channel insert station from TK Audio. Its main function is to convert +4dB balanced signals to unbalanced and back again. Each channel has a send level, the return has a gain control and a polarity switch.

TK Audio says you can use The Transceiver to do the following:

* It’s an insert station. Insert unbalanced gear such as guitar pedals and old echo fx into your DAW or consol.
* It’s an active DI-box with up to 20dB gain. Plug your favourite instrument into your collection of vintage gear via The Transceiver.
* It’s a reamp tool.
* It’s a Swiss Army Knife on stage. Hook up balanced gear on stage between your instrument and amp.

More details and hookup ideas on the TK Audio website.


  1. nando says

    Great its in a 19”!!
    I have a radial, but most of the times I’m too lazy to connect it all..

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