Arturia to release analog synthesizer – The MiniBrute

It appears that Arturia is stepping into the analog synthesizer world. Have a look at the video above, a tour of their upcoming synthesizer called the MiniBrute. It features an arpeggiator, one VCO, a sub oscillator, filter, PWM, something called Ultrasaw, envelope generators and LFO’sexternal audio input, CV gate and MIDI & USB.

Well, I for one thinks it looks pretty damn badass! Gimme one to try now.

6 responses to Arturia to release analog synthesizer – The MiniBrute

  1. codedwire says:

    Hmmm. Video says it is private, so it won’t play, but at least there’s a single frame for the preview.

  2. stiff says:

    Look at that! It worked when I posted it. I’ll leave it up in case Arturia makes it public again.

  3. dominic says:

    I really would love to see both minitaur and this synth offer a VST counterpart. something that can be used to store presets and bring a session back when the protools session is open. Quite literally it should feel as though a VST instrument is on the track while in fact its just being used to send and receive midi info. 100% integration is key for me.

  4. dominic says:

    I heard arturia will make it public tomorrow AM. someone jumped the gun.

  5. stiff says:

    Just to let you know: the video is working again and the Arturia website now has details on MiniBrute as well.

  6. [...] not only the hardware synthesizer world, but the analog hardware synthesizer world with MiniBrute (previous post). Killer name by the way. It’s a synthesizer that I’m personally really looking forward [...]

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