Brainworx’ reversed advent calendar

Yup, it’s back – Brainworx reversed advent calendar. This year it’s good for not only Brainworx plugins, but also SPL, Elysia and Vertigo. Here’s how it works:

Today everything’s 25% off, for each day it’s one percent lower. So tomorrow it’s only 24% off. Bundles are discounted by 20%-30% anyway, so with the additional Christmas discounts you may save up to 47% on the bigger bundles now.

My favorites of the bunch are probably the Elysia plugins. The Alpha compressor is among the best software compressors I’ve used on the master and the Mpressor is just capable of some wicked shit. Of the SPL range I dig TwinTube the most, very nice sound, and the Transient Designer. From Brainworx I think the EQ’s are worth looking at… The mono makes, stereo width control and M/S features can be really helpful. Haven’t tried the Vertigo compressor yet.





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