Pro Tools 10 and its 50+ new features

The rumors were true, Pro Tools 10 has been announced. It has over 50 new features, some of which have already been previewed. You’ll find the list at the bottom of this post.

Upgrade from Pro Tools 9 to 10 will be $299. If you purchased Pro Tools 9 or an Mbox + Pro Tools bundle after October 1st you’re eligible for a free upgrade.

My comments: I’m starting to wonder what’s going on with the numbers here. Didn’t we just get Pro Tools 9? In the good old days we had several updates – some of which were major – before jumping to another X.X version. Ah, screw the good old days! Pro Tools is better than ever. Avid can roll out Pro Tools 59 for all I care.

While there are a lot of intriguing news in Pro Tools 10, it really doesn’t feel like a version 10, does it? I think the biggest news were already announced. Clip-based gain and real-time fades seems to be huge workflow improvements. And remember, in the end the DAW with the best workflow wins. These features have been showcased before so I direct you to the posts for more on that. In a few words: I love’em!

EDIT: Here’s another video showing clip-based gain.

Extended disk cache (HD only) is high on the list but might cause a little bit of confusion. What it means is that audio can be loaded into the RAM, making sure you can take advantage of all those GB’s on a 64-bit system. Pro Tools prioritize the files closest to the playhead location so when you start playback they are already cached. My technical knowledge is a little limited when it comes to this, but it seems like this could avoid some common errors.

Other news that could have come from yours truly (in fact, if you dig into the archive here you’ll find more than one post suggesting them years back) includes a plugin store available from within Pro Tools. Also a much improved, web-based help. I find it so strange that it has taken them all this time. Not just talking about Avid, I’m talking about all DAW developers. In fact, Avid appears to be in the forefront here.

Track and aux count have been increased. I don’t care, but then again I’m a minimalist. I’m sure someone in post will appreciate it. Speaking of tracks, CPTK users now get to reap the benefits of Track Input Monitoring (woho!) and Destructive Punch Record. HD users also get much greater ADC with up to 16K samples.

Some features that probably won’t be talked much about but that I was happy to see was the enhanced export and import features. ‘Export selected tracks as new session’ is self-explanatory and worthy Vandelay Industries. Some new school features also fall under this category. Export to iTunes, Share to SoundCloud and the like. Will probably make the kids happy. Actually, Export to iTunes makes me happy too, but I’m a child sometimes.

There’s some news in the controller department too. Multi-mode for D-Command lets you use a single D-Command unit to access two separate Pro Tools rigs. Could be useful for a larger house. The second addition for us control freaks is phase 2 of EUCON support – over 500 command, shortcuts and other functions have been EUCON-ized and are now available for SoftKey assignment.

And the big announcement I know some of you have been waiting for: Audiosuite handles!

Some great additions but there’s still a lot left to be desired. ProToolers have been asking for track freeze and faster than real-time bounce for years! 64-bit also seem to be on everyones tongue these days and while Extended disk cache is cool, it doesn’t mean Pro Tools is 64-bit. Luckily, it appears that Avid is slowly on the way. The new plugin format hints about it.

Here’s a list of some of the new features:

• Clip based gain workflow
• Real-time Fades
• Extended Disk Cache
• Improved Disk Scheduler
• Support for NAS
• 24-Hour Timeline
• Visual Indication Improvements
• Export Selected Tracks
• Interplay Send To Playback
• Improved ISIS Support
• EUCON Integration Phase II
• Channel Strip Plug-in
• Down Mixer Plug-in
• In App Browser for Plug-in App Store, Help etc.
• Support for Mixed File Formats (FIle type, Bit-depth)
• 32-Bit Float Session Format
• Bounce To iTunes
• Send To Soundcloud
• Bus Interrogation
• Low Latency Monitoring for ASIO/Core Audio
• Audiosuite Now Preserves Metadata
• Audiosuite Now Has Multiple Windows
• Audiosuite Handles
• Di-Fi Update
• Right Click to Reveal In Finder
• Media Composer Clip Gain Interop
• FGS UI Localisation
• 256 Voices (Pro Tools HD and Pro Tools with CPTK)
• 768 Tracks
• 512 Aux Tracks
• Improved ADC with up to 16,000 samples (Pro Tools HD and HD Software only)
• Extended Disc Cache
• Field Recorder Improvements
• Input Monitoring (with CPTK)
• Destructive Punch (with CPTK)
• Support for up to 2 Satellites
• Support For D-Command Multi-mode
• Media Composer Surround Track Interop
• CPTK Users now get Track Input Monitoring and Destructive Punch Record

The fine print:

Pro Tools 10 uses a new session file format, meaning that sessions created in Pro Tools 10 can’t be opened in earlier versions.

Pro Tools 10 has supported for both RF64 (an extension to WAV that addresses the 4GB file limit) and WAVE extensible. It also has supported for mixed audio file formats in a session.

‘Regions’ are now called ‘clips’. It’s not just because Avid thinks it sounds better, it’s for consistency between the audio and video world.

See what Russ at AIR Users Blog is saying about Pro Tools 10.

* * *

EDIT: There are now many posts on Pro Tools 10. The following covers the basics about AAX, HDX and Channel Strip.

HDX – The next generation Pro Tools HD

AAX – A new plugin format

Channel Strip – Euphonix in your DAW


  1. Yan says

    I believe it was said at the seminar, that sessions created in PT10 can be opened in earlier versions and all the necessary fades will be rendered to new files (as per earlier architecture).

  2. says

    It is just me, or is this SOFTWARE UPDATE from 9 to 10 a bit on the pricey side?!? I just updated my $249 PTMP 8 version to PT9 for another $249 (I think) not THAT long ago. Christmas of 2010 I believe….I waited a few months after PT9 came because I was pretty happy with MP8, until AVID SAID there would be no PTMP 9, that there was only one PT9. Which of course changed, so I COULD have updated simply to PTMP 9 for $100 less (it I’d waited) since all I have are four M-Audio interfaces.

    ANYWAY….I have spent quite a lot (for a consumer-level composer, that is) on PT, and $299 for THAT doesn’t seem wise. Especially since they didn’t improve RTAS Instrument performance, which is the one thing I need.

    Not trying to be a buzzkill, here, because there is some good stuff in PT 10 I think.

    So, if I skip this one, though, how much will PT 11 cost me a YEAR from now? It will probably be full 64-bit and hopefully, and they’ll somehow improve virtual instrument performance up to the level of vst64 (on Mac). PT RTAS Instruments just really suck down the CPU, compare to Logic, Cubase, Studio One and Reaper. (Yes, I’m a DAW Addict :-)


  3. says

    I’m with John H. on this one. There are some pretty nifty new features that I’d really like to use in PT10 but $300 is a really steep price, especially after just upgrading to PT9 for $250 last year. This is less of an upgrade than 8 was to 9, in my opinion, and should cost less as well. The price tag is making me wait it out and last year I couldn’t wait to spend my hard earned cash on the improvements available in PT9 (which has been solid and wonderful, by the way).

  4. Piotr says

    I can’t agree more – fullversion is $699 and the upgrade from ver 8 is $499?
    This is over 2/3 price of full product. That is not an upgrade.
    I wonder what is going to be a crossgrade price from a Cubase or any other DAW? Maybe cheaper? That is a slap in the face of long time users. For now I am going to wait.

  5. Ken says

    I think PT certainly has a history and an extensive list of plugins, but wow. Seeing the list of “new” stuff, I’m in a bit of shock.

    • Export Selected Tracks
    • Right Click to Reveal In Finder
    • 32-Bit Float Session Format
    • Bounce To iTunes

    Maybe I’m missing something since I’m not a heavy PT user, but Logives has had this stuff and more for a while now and is 64-bit. I’m surprised PT isn’t this time around. What am I missing here that makes this update so great? Anyone also using Logic that can help clarify?

  6. Sturphy says

    New Maximum Setting for
    Automatic Delay
    P r o T o o l s H D a n d P r o T o o l s 1 0 s o f tw a r e p r o v i d e
    i n c r e a s e d A u t o ma t i c D e l a y C o mp e n s a t i o n u s i n g
    t h e n e w Maximum s e t t i n g . T h i s s e t t i n g a l l o c a t e s
    t h e f o l l o w i n g n umb e r s o f s a mp l e s f o r t h e D e l a y
    C omp e n s a t i o n E n g i n e d e p e n d i n g o n t h e s e s s i o n
    s amp l e r a t e :
    • 1 6 , 3 8 3 s am p l e s at 4 4 . 1 / 4 8 k H z
    • 3 2 , 7 6 7 s am p l e s at 8 8 . 2 / 9 6 k H z
    • 6 5 , 5 3 4 s am p l e s at 1 7 6 . 4 / 1 9 2 k H z

    Th e Ma x imum o p t i o n i s n o t a v a i l a b l e wi t h
    Pr o T o o l s |HD s y s t ems d u e t o c e r t a i n l imi t a –
    t i o n s wi t h TDM h a r dwa r e

  7. says

    Steep or not, I don’t know. It is if you compare it to older Pro Tools upgrades. I think this change in pricing came about because Avid moved deeper into selling software (i.e, un-tieing the hardware).

  8. says

    Ken, I haven’t used Logic since version 8 so keep that in mind.

    • Export Selected Tracks
    • Right Click to Reveal In Finder
    • 32-Bit Float Session Format
    • Bounce To iTunes

    I try to imagine Logic track export/import in front of me but am having a little hard time visualizing it. But I believe the Pro Tools export/import features have pretty much always been deeper than Logics?

    For sure the major news for me are clip-based gain and extended ram cache.

    Logic still has a lot PT doesn’t, freeze tracks, offline bounce, way nicer MIDI editing, to name a few things. But PT does things Logic doesn’t too. Choosing a DAW is always a compromise!

  9. says

    V7 $ V7.x$ V8 $ V9$ so many upgrade fees starting with 7, some within a version. I’ve bee a Pro Tools user since beta 0.6 and now I see clients moving to Reaper4 mostly due to it’s cost and features.
    I still have a hard time with Reapers amount of detail but their policy allows me to keep bring-before-buying and this may bring me into their world.
    However, PT’s 10 seems to be a compromise of compatibility to wean and introduce users with minimal impact into the future and this is a good thing! Embrace of not just remember, it’s about your content and not your tools.

  10. Jnotrup says

    Hi All,

    It looks like that you’re pretty upset about the price of the upgrade to the v10… well you might be interested in Avid’s support contract, they are cheaper than the upgrade itself and includes the soft upgrade…

    That’s worth a quick call/email to Avid I think …

  11. Sick & Tired says

    Its about damn time!!!,

    All of these things they are speaking so highly of about PT10, Ive been doing in cubase & Nuendo 3.2 for YEARRRRRRS! Avid has finally caught up to the curve and all you poor pweople that have been getting bent over a table all these burning money on the digi system, “DO you really want to give away anymore money to this company?”

    The use power of suggestion, deep pocket marketing budgets to monopolize and over charge for in adequate DAW features & sound quality! Ive been working in 32bit float for yearrrrrs and the guys at GC Pro “under contract” will say, “ohh well it does not matter, your convertor is only 24bit; blah.blah.” NOW they are boasting as if they have invented CANNED PUSSY…! At got into the digital game 6 years ago, I spent a year testing and researching every DAW available and hands down you couldnt beat a Steinberg Cubase SX3 &/or Nuendo3 rig. I purchased an RME Multiface and in 44.1@16bit I was KILLING these katz PTHD3 systems!
    “Im saying there was NO comparison in sound quality nor features!” We ran many test on location at major studios running PT with MPC2000XL, Motif, CDplayer w/Mozarts CD, VOCALS male/Female featuring Neve Micpre’s & U87 etc., Acoustic guitars, various bass guiars ran direct and so-on.

    EVERY1 would pic the files in Cubase SL3 over the files in PT HD3 and yes I did say {SL3} cause thats what I purchased first off $300 + an RME Multiface $1,100 verses this so called ‘HD3 system $12,000 not to mention a $3-4,000 Apple just to run it….

    … these first test were ran via splitter simultaneous and just record in and play back to see what one will do over the other.

    Cubase SL3 Killed it!!!!!
    I then purchased SX3 and aventually Nuendo 3.2 which also featured an highly advanced control panel feature which no other DAW offers to this day thus forcing you to buy big knobs/ central stations and so on with no where near the flexability!!!

    We did perform mix test w/ SX3 & Nuendo3.2 vs PTHD3 using WAVES DIAMOND BUNDLE, same setting on tracks etc. AGAIN
    No comparison at all!
    Waves on PT sounded like HAMMERED ASS, you know that good ole HARSH crispy no true sub having sound that PT HD3 is famous for! YET… Waves diamond for PT Rtas/TDM$5,000 and for VST$23,000!!! WTF

    The legacy and trend continues….

    Even in the controller the icon, control 24 and so on to their smaller controllers… Euphonix wore their asses out then released the pro-summer artist series controllers. SMASHED DIGIDESIGN/AVID SELLS COMPLETELY! With their B.S. flemsy ass controllers for top dollar and oh yeah it only controls protools. WTF

    Avid was left with no choice but to buy Euphonix and on the same front with DAW funny how PT10 looks more like Cubase 6!

    Digi has had to go native and FUCKING FINALLY give the feature set that other systems have been doing for years causes they were losing the market and getting their asses handed to them.. They have the nerveto make this snizzing HD video acting as if they innovated some kind of change in the world of audio recording and some asshole on it saying nothing sounds better than PT. WTF
    Fucking ACID sounds better than PTHD & TDM by leaps and bounds and even though now the ass wholes have FINALLY stepped up their game and now FINALLy we can trully say there is a lot of gray area between DAW PT does not sound the best, every1 knows Samplitude has always had a better engine, their issue was always workflow & features sets. Well now even Samplitude with their new version 11 has added features NOW that Ive been using in Cubase/Nuendo since version {3}!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Avid PT10 talking about clip gains as if its a woman with 3 Tits at about 36C! “its not regions anymore its clip gain fade now…blah blah! Shit I thought every DAW did that I ve been doing that for 6 years now in CUBASE & NUENDO!!! I have a buddy who owns a very Large studio here in in ATlanta, GA, for years hes always talking to me about DITHERING! I know what it is but Im always like “WTF Dither what? Thats just not something i have EVER gad to deal with and my lite mixes sound like they were recorded on tape and then mixed in digital! ETC.

    Stop letting these people bend you over a fucking desk and every1 on their administrative staff and share holders have a turn on your ass!

    ” So why is it when you walk into a retailer like Guitar Center and say, “I want to start a studio!”; but with all of the better solutions sitting in a box on the wall behind them they will EVERY TIME sit an Mbox in your face? ”
    ” Same reason why, they would an ICON sitting front center with the big plasma tv and genelecs, mean while they keep the Euponix MC5 in the God Damn back room locked away unexcessable to the public unless you know its there!!! “Ive been GC across the country on many occasions and IF they have a Euphonix MC Control it was turned off and SITTING ON ITS SIDE LIKE A RELEC used piece of gear that was severely over looked mean while every dumb ass wlaking in the talking about OHHHH the pretty light on the flemzyy wak asss propriotary ICON is so HOT!

    Now that avid owns Euphonix their all boasting!

    “So why is it when you go to a university and take an audio course they have PT labs only!”

    Same reason why so many people and studio waist money over the years buying their shit, Prince said it best,”We cant do right because; Monkey SEE Monkey DO!”

    Talk to AVIDS/Digidesigns Marketing Department and find out…

    They use the laws to power called:
    • the power of influence
    • The power of suggestion
    • the power of popular opinon
    • Band wagoning
    • peer preasure
    • All fueled by HEAVY HEAVY marketing dollars!

    In others words, go to the universities pay them to hold the classes and then give them all the PT equipment free and the give every student who takes the class a FREE Mbox

    In other words, They have contracts set up with corps like APPLE and GUITAR CENTER for instants where the digidesign PT products ARE DESIGNED to be lacking in features and sound quality too force you to have to come back into the stores and buy more shit that you do not need!!!! 4 instants
    How many people puirchased and HD3& tdm rig with the hyper clean BS this and that along with a $3K Genelec Monitor set up and then buy a makie big knob or a presonus central station in the signal chain?

    Let me say it for you… WTF, as of version 3.2 of Nuendo and after in all versions of Nuendo and Full Cubase they have an HIGHLY & UNPARALLED CONTROL PANEL!!!!!!!!!!! I go straight from Convertors to my Rotel PowerAmps and into my High Def Audiophile Mirage system in 5.4 surround and don’t miss a beat! and so those fuckers will argue an arguement from 10 year old technology where as if you adjust volume digitally you run into all sorts of issues BLAH BKAH BLAH,. People my ears kick ass every1 I know tell me this, I have an audiophile system for referencing SIMILAR to your mastering engineers, I AM HERE TO TELL YOU after i ran a several test with best professional grade control panel on the market that most people can afford the SPL MTC $1,000 {great unit!} and using the control panel built into Nuendo/Cubase, neither myself nor any1 here can here the differents when the volume is reduced or the mono switch is engaged! ETC.

    Think what you want to think, ” I still say its about fucking time those unpatriotic asswholes at AVID step up and stop ripping off hard working Americans by selling garbage and then manipulating them into publicly believing that its gold!

    And you all should stop letting these companies screw you over! Do your homework research cross examine before you buy and make the purchase cause its makes since NOT because WELL So and So in timbuk2 is doing it too so I guess ama gonna do it 2. then turn and get upset at the guy who is showing you how much of an ass you allowed yourself to made out of!

    Sick & Fucking Tired

  12. Lownote says

    As someone who started in this business with a console and 2″ tape, a 6-figure investment, I have to laugh at the price complaints. It’s a great time to be a recording engineer.

    I went from PT8 to PT10 last week, along with a new MacPro. It’s worth it. Period. Clip Gain, ADC and 32 bit float may be common on other DAWs, whatever. It’s not a pissing contest or a drag race. If you like ProTools, it just got better on all fronts. Better to work with, more flexible. If you think $700 for strong DAW software is excessive, you’ve obviously never recapped an Otari or had a channel strip on a Console die.

    It is what it is. You are either in the camp that likes ProTools, or you’re raving about Logic and Nuendo. I think those of us who made the transition from tape like PT because it was pretty easy to go from Tape to PT, and a lot of us didn’t have to change they way we worked very much. So, all things being equal, I like PT10 a lot vs PT8.

    No matter what, it’s a pretty good day to be a recording engineer.

  13. Machine says

    I just swtiched to Ableton Live Suite 8.When PT 9 came out i sort of figured out what was going on.But PT 10 confired my fears so now i have jumped ship.You don’t issue PT9 as a new version you offer this as an update to PT8 lol.Now PT10 looks like an update from 8.So what in the hell was PT9 lol?Wow i can now use PT9 without an interface and with any interface whoopie lol.What about the people who purchased Avid hardware like myself the MBOX3 lol?I purchased PT9 for $230 bucks on Sep 23 i was happy moving up to a more refined version of PT.Considering 9 was just alot of bug fixes and looked the same as 8 lol.Well it’s safe to assume Avid charges a premo price since it’s the idustry standard on the market.I was so made i didn’t get PT10 or even a discount since i bought PT9 on Sep 23 lol.They told me they were sorry they didn’t even offer me a 1% discount.I was only about a week away from PT10 the software came out of the blue.They are vampires all they do is suck your money dry.

  14. says

    This will be a terrific web page, could you be interested in doing an interview about just how you developed it? If so e-mail me!

  15. Jeff says

    *Sigh*. I too elected to stick with my PT9 since 10 looked like a 300 buck 9 update that shoulda been free. I read “Sick and Tired’s” rant and despite the credibility challenging array of spelling errors, believe his allegations. And yeah, Lownote, though it’s all a win win situation, a dollar’s a dollar, and in this case times 300. That’s 2 refrett jobs or a new Duncan Twin Tube Classic stompbox…to guys like me.

    So I’m now I’m gonna shed some guitar, upload a track for a session, and get to work. Like my old friend Mike Sembello said, “it’s the painting that counts, not the canvas it’s painted on.” And like Mike Porcaro once commented:
    “Protools…the gift that keeps on taking…”

  16. Douglas Lamo says

    I would really love to buy a avid protools 10 bundle and have a try on it

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