Pro Tools 9.0.5 update is here with Lion support… kinda

Avid has released Pro Tools 9.0.5, a free update for owners of Pro Tools 9 and HD 9. Finally my prayers are answered, as 9.0.5 bring Lion support… Unfortunately only in a beta state (note that 9.0.5 is not in beta, just Lion support). It seems to have some issues though.

To run Pro Tools on Mac OS X 10.7.x (“Lion”), create a clean Lion partition and install Pro Tools directly to that partition. Avid recommends against updating a Snow Leopard partition that already had Pro Tools installed due to the potential for Lion to uninstall certain components during its installation process.



  1. Rubicon says

    I went with a straight upgrade and everything has been working fine for a week. I don’t trust migration assistant and I didn’t want to do a manual re-install of everything on my Mac Pro.

  2. Ned Ward says

    It removes the MIDI drivers, similar to when i upgraded from 8 to 9. Will try later to see if I can reinstall them.

  3. says

    OK it’s the MIDI drivers, nevermind.

    “So why doesn’t Avid then reinstall the files 10.7 removes?”

    “Because (unfortunately) they’ve become masters at being a corporation that always gives 90%.”


  4. Chris says

    Does someone has more experience that one week with PT 9.05 and Lion?
    Just installed it on my backup system (Macbook) and it works fine till now.
    But just wanna be shure, before installing it on my main system, woking every day on it.

    Chris / Germany

  5. says

    >> “Because (unfortunately) they’ve become masters at being a corporation that always gives 90%.”

    Killer! Need to save this one for a future “Or so they say…” post :)

    I was going to beta test Lion support for ya’ll but haven’t got around to install Lion yet. Maybe that’s just as well, tried to run 9.0.5 for the first time today and it just continues to crash on startup.


    That burst of inspiration I had is of course gone with the wind, so instead of recording I guess I’ll spend the night troubleshooting. Always fun (yes, that’s irony folks).

  6. Marco Bernardo says

    My Advice don’t install on day work machine, it will give you some headaches. OSX Lion is still growing and the best I can advice is to stay away, even if the Avid PT Team send some goodies like this BETA 90% working App’s.

    At Home I’ve installed on a new HDD (test) OS X Lion and PT 9.05, I’m getting this error from time to time. It quits PT when is loading some plugins. And I’ve tried to remove that plugin, then it’s another…, the solution is to make a fresh restart and then the first thing to open is PT. After PT is loaded I can open mail, safari, etc… without prob’s. and another, My 192 i/o is acting wierd. some levels appears in the meters when PT is loading.

    My Harware is a Mac Pro 2,8GHz (early 2008) 14GB ram, PT HD3 PCIe wth 192 I/o, Waves Mercury Native, McDSP Classic, DUY Everpack, Audioease All-in-one, and bunch more plugins…

    Altiverb won’t work OSX Lion

    OS X 7.1 – PT HD 9.0.5 is Ok (with problems)

    OS X 6.7 – PT HD 9.0.3 is a ROCKSOLID System

  7. says

    yikes! i updated to Lion on my backup drive to check everything first. 289 plug-ins ALL worked great. 76 other apps: all worked great. (did need to update 2 but it was free and easy, a minute tops)…. except pro tools. i had 9.0.6 native, and of course it wouldn’t work. i read the work arounds, but why does pro tools make everything hard? all my other DAWs worked fine, all the plug-ins worked fine. Waves is even talking 64 bit support in Feb/2012! com-on pro tools!!! make life a little easier please. i may just not use it for awhile, and i’m a full time pro doing lots of tv/film music.

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