Tape emulation plugin from Waves and Eddie Kramer

Waves just announced a new tape emulation plugin called Kramer MPX Master Tape and as you can tell it was made together with Eddie Kramer.

Developed in association with Eddie Kramer, the MPX Master Tape plugin is modeled on a rare machine consisting of an Ampex 350 transport and 351 electronics. With adjustable tape speed, bias, flux, wow & flutter, and noise parameters, the MPX provides comprehensive control over the contours of your sound. And to top it off, we’ve added a flexible slap & feedback delay, ideal for rock, dance, dub, you name it. For recording, mixing, mastering, and more, bring the richness and warmth of real tape saturation to your DAW with the MPX Master Tape. It’s the reel deal.

Do we need another tape emulation plugin? Of course we do! I love’em all and have great hopes for this one. Let us know what you think if you give it a go.


Modeled on the Ampex 350/351 1/4″ reel-to-reel
Adjustable tape speed, bias, flux, wow & flutter
Slap & feedback delay
Up to 24bit 96kHz resolution
Mono and Stereo components
Supports TDM, RTAS, Audio Suite, VST, AU
PC and Mac compatible

Price is good: $99 for Native and $149 for TDM.


  1. Ron Wasserman says

    It’s a very interesting plug and you can tweak things better than the McDsp equivalent. I’ll probably get it just because it’s TDM and I can run it on the master bus without the RTAS delay issue (while composing.)

  2. says

    I wonder how it stacks up against Reel Tape from Avidigi.

    Also worth noting is that this – to the best of my knowledge – emulates a master tape machine, not a multitrack. Not saying you can’t use it on individual tracks though (everything goes).

  3. Danyl Daniel says

    Bought it instantly yesterday, installed with no issues, and yes, I got my smiles, tried it on the master bus of a mix, as well as individual tracks such as kick drum, drum overheads, vocals, and indeed the saturation can be really strong on this to your taste, you can crunch till you’re out of cereal, its definitely got the fatness going for the kick. The slower tape speed, gives the nice vintage warmth, while the faster speed gives a more all rounded sweet treatment. I love the fact that I can separately control record level, and playback level. Rings the word RATIO in my head. A high ratio of record to low playback introduces more saturation. I’m glad to have got it at the introductory price, well worth the money, and more!

  4. kassin says

    must admit, it’s pretty good and the slapbacks are worth the price of admission, IMO…

  5. frank says

    “I wonder how it stacks up against Reel Tape from Avidigi.”

    Not bad. Interesting to compare it to the ‘US’ machine in RT, as it is a 3M 79 emu. Kinda similar. I still prefer RT, but it’s a nice additional color in the palate…

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