The free RTAS and AAX plugins list

I have compiled a list of all the free RTAS and AAX plug-ins I could think of. The list is nowhere near as long as a free VST list would be but nonetheless there are quite a few handy plug-ins here. Needless to say, while this is an RTAS and AAX plugin list, most of them should be available in VST and AU as well.

Audiffex – ampLion Free – Guitar amp simulator.

Avid – Structure Free – Free sampler.
Avid – Signal Tools – Metering.
Avid – Xpand! – Sample-based instrument with tons of presets.
Avid – D-Fi – Lo-fi and creative sound design.
Avid/Bomb Factory – Free Bomb Factory Plug-ins – Old Bomb Factory plug-ins gone freebie.
Avid/TL Labs – TL Utilities – Metering, metronome and tuning.
Avid/TL Labs – TL AutoPan – Panning effects.

Applied Acoustics System – AAS Player / Swatches – Swatches is an ever expanding sound library for the free AAS Player.

Blue Cat Audio – Freeware Plugin Pack – A little of everything.
Blue Cat Audio – Chorus – Indeed, it’s a chorus.
Blue Cat Audio – Flanger – Indeed, it’s a flanger.
Blue Cat Audio – FreqAnalyst – Spectrum analyzer.
Blue Cat Audio – Gain Suite – Gain utilities for controlling volume.
Blue Cat Audio – Phaser – Indeed, it’s a phaser.
Blue Cat Audio – Triple EQ – A 3-band EQ.

Boz Digital Labs – Panipulator – Check your mix on bad systems.

Brainworx – bx_cleansweep – Hi- and lo-pass filter.
Brainworx – bx_solo – M/S tool.

Cableguys – Pancake – Panning modulation.

Camel Audio – Alchemy Player – Software instrument with 1GB sound library.
Camel Audio – CamelCrusher – Distortion.

Dasample – Glaceverb – Emulation of vibrations and acoustic responses of different materials.

DDMF – Colour EQ – EQ with custom-made 4th order IIR filter.

Elysia – Niveau Filter – Nice filter.

Flux – BitterSweet II – Free transient designer.
Flux – Stereo Tool – What the name says.

FXpansion – Orca – Fishy synthesizer.
FXpansion – ClapOMatic – Cheering for your ego.
FXpansion – DCAM: FreeComp – A model of a classic console bus compressor design

HOFA-Plugins – ProjectTime – Measure the time spent on your project.
HOFA-Plugins – Meter, Fader & MS-Pan – Metering, fader and M/S decoder.
HOFA-Plugins – Goniometer and Korrelator – Gonio and correlation metering.

Human Touch Technology – SIKA Oriental Scale – SoundFont player dedicated to arabic and oriental scales.

IK Multimedia – AmpliTube Custom Shop – Amp and FX simulation.
IK Multimedia – T-Racks Custom Shop – Lots of stuff, and ways to buy more.
IK Multimedia – SampleTank Free – Sample-based virtual instrument.

Izotope – VinylThe tool for simulating vinyl.

JK Plugs – JK-Pipe – Captures default Mac audio input set in System Preferences.

Klanghelm – DC1A – Easy to use compressor.

Magix – Independence Free – Sampler workstation.

Massey – Massey Tools – Various handy tools.

Metric Halo – Thump – Bass monster.

Native Instruments – Kontakt Player – Sample player for use with Kontakt Powered instruments.
Native Instruments – Reaktor Player – Reaktor for players.
Native Instruments – Guitar Rig 4 Player – Modular effects processor.

Ohm Force – Frohmage – Cheesy filter.
Ohm Force – Cohmpost – Eh… Uhm… I dunno…?
Ohm Force – Symptohm: Melohman PE – Synthesizer from the wacky french.

Pleasurize Music Foundation – Dynamic Range Meter – Metering distributed by Brainworx.

PSP Audioware – PSP PianoVerb – Strange reverb.
PSP Audioware – PSP Vintage Meter – Metering.

Softube – Saturation Knob – Free saturation… Knob.

Sonalksis – FreeG – And yes, even more metering.

Sonoma Wire Works – DrumCore Free – Drum plug-in.

SoundHack – Delay Trio – Creative delays.
SoundHack – Freesound Bundle – Various tools.

SPL – FreeRanger – Slightly crippled equalizer.

Studio Devil – Studio Devil BVC – Amp modeling.

SynthMaster – SynthMaster Player Free – A down-dieted version of SynthMaster.

TriTone Digital – MuteTone – A workaround to the inability to shut off input monitoring.

Two Notes – Torpedo PI-Free – Speaker and mic’ing simulator.

U-he – Zebralette – Synthesizer.

UVI Sound Source – UVI Workstation – Sample player.

ValhallaDSP – ValhallaFreqEcho – Frequency shifter and echo.

XLN Audio – Addictive Drums Free – Virtual drum instrument.
XLN Audio – Studio Grand Free – Free version of Addictive Keys.

Yohng – 4Front Bass – Virtual bass instrument.
Yohng – 4Front E-Piano – Virtual electric piano instrument.
Yohng – 4Front Piano – Virtual piano instrument.

Have I missed any? Let us know and I’ll add them to the list!

33 responses to The free RTAS and AAX plugins list

  1. WOW!

    I always wanted to make such a list myself, thanks for doing this!!!


    Cheers, Andreas

  2. J~P says:

    Nice list. From the top of my head:
    -tritone digital makes the colortone eq and a free phaser
    -nomad factory has a free bundle with flangers/phasers
    -is line6 still giving away the basic podfarm for free?
    -tc electronic promised that the (excellent) m30 reverb will become available again for free. You can leave your email adres (which they use for some tc advertisement emails) and they Will let you know when… Worth it though. I love it!!!

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  4. Leadfinger says:

    Awesome, you are a legend!

  5. terminal3 says:

    the rndigital link is 404′d now. suspect it’s gone forever, but would love to be surprised otherwise. it was a great freebie!

  6. coyoteous says:

    I found a non-warez D/L page for all the RN stuff the other day and didn’t bookmark it… couldn’t find it just now. I think this one was actually back to being hosted by Roger Nichols in some fashion. I did find the the PC version of Inspector being “mirrored” by brothersoft, I think.

    I have Inspector XL and I would like to see some centralized effort to figure out this crazy situation. I’ve seen comments on GS, KVR and here. I wish someone would really investigate this. Who is Elemental, anyway. I sure think they should still have a stake and vested interest in all this.

  7. stiff says:

    Thanks for your input everyone. I’ll try to get ahold of a new link for Inspector. I’ll wait a little though, I wouldn’t be too surprised if the site showed up again.

  8. terminal3 says:

    do you know something we don’t (wrt rndigital), stiff? :)

  9. Marco Bernardo says:

    Hi, i think i have elemental audio install PC and mac and Roger nicholas. I was owner of the elemental versions and upgrade it to RNd and i have a back up somewhere in my Hdds Email anyone who wants the install files.
    Regards, Marco

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  12. Doad says:

    All of the Voxengo stereo touch is a great plug in for enhancing and simulating various scenarios. They have other free things too.

    Also you can nose around and find tons of free stuff.

    Hope this helps!

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  15. Scobra says:

    Great stuff. Awesome

  16. nialldoran says:

    Found whole load of RTAS compatible pluggins from a compnay that were bought out by cycling 74 (the company who make MAX/MSP) and then discontinued the pluggins stopped developing them as actual plug-ins
    Pluggo has alot of Modulation and delay plugs along with a spectrum filter that has hundreds of bands,
    Octirama is a multiband comp
    there are loads more, and they are a few years old but they are free :D

  17. Jeff Sepeta says:

    The Massey site is actually located at

  18. eric says:


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  22. A. K. says:

    I’m having difficulty installing the Yohn Bass plugin. I have Pro tools 10 on a Mac (Lion OSX 10.7) and the plugins are in the application folder now, not in the utilities folders. Anyway, just would really love this realistic sounding bass and having a doozy of a time with installation. HELP!!!

  23. stiff says:

    Hello A.K. I checked it out – To install as RTAS, rename from .component to .dpm and copy to /Library/Application Support/Digidesign/Plug-Ins

  24. Quazzy says:

    Thank you so much for putting this together, been working in Pro Tools for a little over three years now and am tired of the absence of VST while still not being able to afford Logic.

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  28. alejandrums says:

    Hi, there’s a Klangheim IVGI plugin which is a saturation plugin!
    Here’s the link:

  29. alejandrums says:

    Is there any free rtas multiband compressor?
    I really need one!

  30. The ideas are very innovative in this blog and i really like them.
    Thanks for sharing your great ideas with us and keep on it.

    Alchemy Synth

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