Eleven Rack update for all Pro Tools 8.0.3 systems

Avid has released an update for Eleven Rack but it’s in fact recommended for all systems regardless if you use Eleven Rack or not. The reason is to provide session compatibility with other users that may have an Eleven Rack.

From Avid/Digidesign:

What’s Fixed in This Update?

Runtime error, access violation, crash, and possible session corruption with Pro Tools 8.0.3 and Eleven Rack (Item #121196)

  • The Eleven Rack Update for Pro Tools 8.0.3 resolves an issue in which Pro Tools 8.0.3 (HD, LE, or M-Powered) with Eleven Rack could experience a Runtime error, access violation, or crash after creating a new session. In some cases, Pro Tools would quit without saving the session.
  • On Mac, problems with the appearance and use of the Eleven Rack user interface window in Pro Tools were also seen in some cases.

Grab the update it requires 8.0.3.


  1. J~P says

    Hey Stiff, Since you are THE inside man….Sort off, What is true about the rumour of Digi dropping M-Powered? Just after Mackie anouncements… Is that it? Ot just rumours?

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