Pro Tools 8.0.3 installers for Mac systems are here

As ericdano said in his comment, Avid has posted 8.0.3 updates for Mac OS X HD, LE and M-Powered. Mac OS X Essential and Windows versions will be coming soon.

The update contains a number of fixes but most importantly Snow Leopard support. Other things that caught my eye was:

  • DigiBase is now only stored on the system drive and not on every drive (thank you!).
  • Optimized scroll speed with trackballs and Mighty Mouse.
  • Pro Tools now takes less time to quit.

And one that leaves me a little curious is Edit/Tool Mode Keyboard Locking.

In previous versions of Pro Tools, it was easy to accidentally hit the same keyboard shortcut twice and inadvertently switch between tool types. You can now check Edit/Tool Mode Keyboard Lock in the Options menu to avoid this. When checked, this option locks the ability to change tool types (i.e. change from the normal trimmer to the scrub trimmer) via keyboard shortcuts, however tool types can still be changed via the mouse or right-clicking. When checked, you can still switch between tools (i.e. switch from the Grabber to the Trimmer) via keyboard shortcut. This option affects the following tools and edit-modes: Grid, Zoom, Trim, Grabber, and Pencil.

I don’t see myself using this, but it isn’t all abut me, so interesting addition.

There are many other fixes, for more on what’s new check out the release notes PDF.

8.0.3 HD update for Mac OS X
8.0.3 LE update for Mac OS X
8.0.3 M-Powered update for Mac OS X


  1. James says

    At last! No more will I time-stretch audio when I only wanted to trim it!

    And Pro Tools only defacing my system drive.. Santa’s been busy.

  2. dyscode says

    PT-Mp803 works nice here

    RTAS plug-in automation accuracy varies depending on HW buffer size (Item
    OS/Platform: All
    Area: Automation
    RTAS plug-in automation now takes the HW buffer size into account, and is now more consistent
    across various HW buffer sizes. ”

    wow didn´t even know this existed. good to know it´s fixed now.

  3. says

    Yep… I’ve seen some flaky automation in PT, but so far it’s been limited to when bouncing to disk so I don’t know if it has anything to do with this.

  4. J~P says

    BTW : did you read this?:
    Sound Designer 2 Session file format (Mac only)
    Due to our adoption of a more modern disk subsystem, Pro Tools 8.0.3 will no longer support the Sound Designer 2 (SD2) Session format on Mac. Pro Tools will no longer have the ability to create new SD2 sessions, and you will be prompted to convert legacy SD2 sessions to WAV on open (the same behavior which occurs on Windows-based Pro Tools systems). Pro Tools will still be able to preview SD 2 audio files, import and convert them to a supported format, and bounce/export to SD2.

  5. n8tron says

    I will definitely be using that edit tool locking mode. I don’t know why I have this problem, but when I quickly switch from one tool to the other (I don’t use the smart tool) I sometimes end up using the cut/grabber tool and end up slicing notes and not noticing it! It happens more often than you’d think. Glad they added this.

  6. J~P says

    “DYSCODE : yeah, must have been a hard desicion to burry their long dead child ;->”

    I know of a lot of Video Post Companies who kept working in SDII. What I don’t understand is that new version will convert SDII to WAV but not use SDII in session… Strange, because it DOES have the SDII codec, but it won’t support work with it. I think Digi is gearing up for a MAJOR overhaul…. Did you see how much discount you get on HD these days (up to 51% in the Netherlands.) ? I brings back memories on when I bought my Mix+ …. and saw HD in shops within 8 weeks……

  7. says

    >> “strange graphics flashing while in PT”

    You mean the Avid logo on the startup screen? :P

    n8tron: Yeah, I can see that happen if you don’t use the smart tool.

  8. ericdano says

    No no, I meant like graphic flickering. Sorta like what was going on in Safari before the last update to it and 10.6…..

  9. dyscode says

    good point, I only worked with musicians and artists coming from everywhere but ProTools, so I´ve seen no SDII files in the last 10 years.

    I hope the MAJOR up their stuff, about time. And yes, discounts these days are more of a dualism than a bargain.

  10. J~P says

    First serious try on a brand new 13″ macbook pro/ 2×2.53 / 4Gb : LE803 works like a charm. Recording a 90 minute concert to USB on 88.2 was no problem. Also first serious try of iZotope Alloy : COOL. :)

  11. says

    So far so good here as well. Nothing annoying that I didn’t find in the previous versions. Haven’t seen any graphic flickering yet.

  12. russ russell says

    yeah i have the flashing graphics too – when i click the buttons of certain plugins the whole screen flashes – bit of a head f**k – good job i’m not epileptic. only happened since i updated to 8.3 – why???

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