BBE situation solved

I got an email from the Executive Vice President of BBE Sound regarding my issues with them. He payed, apologized, said he didn’t know about it and that surely some mistake was made. I will not speculate about what caused this to happen, but now that things have been sorted out I will put this behind me and get back to business as usual.

6 responses to BBE situation solved

  1. Jay Key says:

    Finally, that’s “good news”.

  2. nando says:

    that’s what I thought :)

  3. I was telling everybody I know about this story, so there’s no telling how many people in audio knew about it. The grapevine in Audio is very fast, and has accelerated to warp speed with the web. glad it’s resolved!!

  4. Ashley Smith says:

    Well done on sticking to your guns, glad you got it sorted :)

  5. stiff says:

    Thank you all for your support!

  6. Ron Wasserman says:

    I shot the pres a email with the link to your story. I do hope that helped.

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