WARNING: Don’t do business with BBE Sound

This is a warning for everyone who is doing business, or is thinking about doing business with BBE Sound.

Several months ago Dan Brown of BBE Sound booked an ad here on ProTooler Blog but the payment never came. Thinking this must be some kind of mistake I emailed them with reminders and asked if there was a problem without ever getting a reply back. While it’s unlikely it never reached them, I realized it could be the case, so I emailed three different addresses at BBE. Still no reply. For the record, we’re not even talking large sums of money here, and for me it’s got down to the principle rather than the greens.

If you’re doing business with BBE Sound, or is thinking about it, I urge you to get out of it quickly because obviously they can’t be trusted.

To you, dear reader, feel free to spread the word. If not for me (and I would be very grateful), consider doing it for the poor blokes who might get scammed the same way I did.

Also noted on Gearslutz

And on the DUC.

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12 responses to WARNING: Don’t do business with BBE Sound

  1. ronnie says:

    That’s a shame. I know I should always make sure I get paid before I provide services to people I don’t really know, but I’m a poor businessman.

  2. stiff says:

    Yeah. It’s a shame it has to be that way too. I mean, I rather trust people to commit when a deal has been made.

  3. nando says:

    I think he will pay now ;)

  4. Frida says:

    Power to the People!

  5. Ashley Smith says:

    Sorry to hear of your troubles m8, hope they see they’ve done wrong by you and give what’s rightfully yours.


    Ash :)

  6. stiff says:

    Thanks for your support!

  7. Ron Wasserman says:

    Dude I LOVE the way you fight back. I have total respect for you.


  8. stiff says:

    Thank you Ron!

  9. terminal3 says:

    this can be a sign of a company in trouble!!

    I suspect that 2009 is going to claim more than just our “high street” retailers… some audio companies are more than likely to suffer badly and possibly go under. not paying the bills is the first sign of a company facing serious financial trouble and the possibility of bankruptcy.

    Good luck getting the cash – is it possible to sue them?

  10. [...] my editorial yesterday regarding advertisers and clients that don’t pay their bills. I used ProToolerBlog’s dispute with BBE Sound as an example, and it proved a good one. The issue’s been resolved, read more about that [...]

  11. Russell Butterfield says:

    Well done matey Stiff kicks ass!!!!!!

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