Gforce releases M-Tron Pro

GForce has updated their old Mellotron emulation M-Tron, and this time it has a “Pro” in the name! OK, so perhaps the name itself doesn’t make it better, but I got to say, this thing looks pretty interesting.

The M-Tron Pro is based around a 3.5GB sound library with over 200 tape banks (“sample sets”, explains GForce, I wish all companies had a standard for this). The banks from the original M-Tron is included. Interestingly 19 of which have been remastered at London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios. Pretty cool. More on the Abbey Road mastering below.

If you “open the lid” you gain access to editing controls for layers, splits, reverse, halfspeed and more for further tweaking. Among the more esoteric tweakable goodies included are tape reverse, tape half-speed and the more synth-like section with LFO, and filters and such.

Are you not familiar with the original – the Mellotron? I’ll let GForce explain it:

When pressed, each key engaged playback of a discrete strip of tape containing an eight-second recording of that note played on an instrument such as a violin. The tape rewound after key release. The lack of looping forced the player to adapt his playing style giving the instrument a unique playing characteristic in addition to its already distinct sound. The more commercial models featured the ability to switch between three different sound sets within the installed tape bank — and adventurous owners were able to physically swap tape banks with care and patience.

Oh, and did I mention it includes Optigan sounds? Wicked.

There are plenty of audio demos here, and you can see a video introduction as well as a clip of the mastering at Abbey Roads here on the GForce website.




  1. Russell Butterfield says

    I already own a copy and have had before its release, I have to say it is brilliant, try the Chamerlin Voice, its so eerie, and there are some VP330 patches on there to, the remastered stuff sounds awesome, and a lot is looped.

  2. says

    Cool. I must admit it looks really interesting, and I usually don’t care about new VI’s. Have you ever used a real Mellotron and can compare the two?

  3. Russell Butterfield says

    I have not used a Mellotron before but I know some who have and it is IDENTICAL, it is a great piece of kit if you like nostalgia, but more and more people are using the Mellotron library nowadays, I have just completed some work for G-Force, and they sent me a copy of M-Tron Pro, it will be on my next lot of songs, for sure!!!!

  4. Russell Butterfield says

    This is pasted from G-Force website, and is the MINIMUM spec for the Mac.

    1.25GHz PowerMac G4 with 512MB RAM or IntelMac
    5 Gb of Hard Drive Space
    OS X 10.4.x
    VST 2.4, RTAS or Audio Unit compatible host application for plug-in operation.

    So yes it does work with a PPC.

  5. says

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