Video diary from Musikmesse ’08 part 3

Here’s the third and final part of my video diary. Hope you enjoyed it, despite my nonsense ramblings ;)

6 responses to Video diary from Musikmesse ’08 part 3

  1. George says:


    I like your humor.. ;)


  2. Digi Mafia #1 says:


    it was really nice meeting you and thanks for the flowers.
    But now we know your face…and we will keep on reading…

  3. Bryan Talbot says:

    You’re a star. Your English is excellent too.

  4. stiff says:

    I almost believed you there for a second Bryan ;)

  5. Cartman says:

    Enjoyed your rest of the videos, but this one was the best :)

  6. stiff says:

    Thanks a lot Cartman.

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