AmpliTube 2 DUO & Ampeg SVX UNO now available free to Digidesign’s AmpliTube LE users

IK Multimedia has upgraded all Digidesign users to AmpliTube 2 DUO! This exciting new software is available via download for all existing AmpliTube LE users and will be shipping soon in all new Pro Tools Ignition Packs. And for a limited time, receive Ampeg SVX UNO, too!

AmpliTube 2 DUO is a special edition of AmpliTube 2, IK’s award-winning amp & stompbox modeling software. DUO updates AmpliTube LE’s features with more realistic tone, separate preamp, EQ, & power amp modeling, and all new amp, cabinet, mic and stomp-box models. AmpliTube 2’s Dual Rig technology lets you freely combine 2 independent pedal boards, amps, cabinets, and rack FX to create truly amazing sonic combinations.

Ampeg SVX UNO delivers one of the four classic Ampeg® amps from Ampeg SVX. Like AmpliTube 2 DUO, Ampeg SVX UNO gives you access to models of classic gear, from an Ampeg® bass chorus pedal to the famous BA-500 amp and cabinet. Blend the amped and direct signal for the perfect amount of Ampeg® tone.

Both AmpliTube 2 DUO and Ampeg SVX UNO are compatible with the latest Intel Mac and Windows Vista DAW systems, and deliver innovative new features and perfect tone for AmpliTube LE users.

Discounted upgrades to the full version are available.

IK Multimedia


  1. says

    I agree. Amplitube 2 is good, way better than the the first one that’s been in the old Ignition Packs for so long. I also think it’s really cool to have a bass amp simulator in the package as well. Way to go IK!

  2. says

    I kinda wish they had fewer features, while this is a really useful addition to the ignition pack, its essentially an ad for the full version. Nearly anything you try to do in it bugs you to upgrade. Instead of showing me the 19 amps that aren’t in this light version and telling me to upgrade, just don’t show me the 19 amps! Amplitube LE isn’t like that, it just has fewer features, and you just made due with what you had. I’ll stop complaining now.

  3. pete sillaro says

    my program opens up with afull volume squeell. please help. i am unable to use the program.

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